fort knox

Fort Knox offers superior quality, craftsmanship, and protection and backs its craftsmanship with a true comprehensive lifetime warranty for the original purchaser of the safe. This includes the lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch and body of the vault.

Superior Safe Company

Superior Safes builds all of its safes with thick, American-made steel. The better the quality of steel, the greater its guarantee of protection. Many other manufacturers use thin gauge metal that is built to appear thick, offering little security against a pry bar or fire axe.


Combining the best in secure storage, SecureIt makes storing your firearms or other valuables throughout your home or in an apartment convenient and effective. Offering products that make storing your firearms secure, close to you, and as easy as possible.


Vaultek builds high quality products that are innovative, stylish, and packed with cutting-edge technology. The pursuit of innovation is rooted deeply in the Vaultek brand. Users can safely and securely store their firearms and access them quickly when needed while keeping them safe from children.