SecureIt Fast Box™ Model 47



Hidden gun safe for firearms up to 46-½” in self-defense applications. Pre-drilled holes allow mounting under beds or other key locations, or for bolting FAST BOX 47s together.

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Fast Access

FAST BOX offers fast access in tight quarters while securing your firearms

Decentralize Your Firearms

FAST BOX allows you to keep firearms throughout your home in strategic locations

Under-Bed Fast Access

FAST BOX 47 is designed to go under your bed

Expand Capacity with the Vertical Kit

With the FAST BOX Vertical Kit you can store up to 2 firearms vertically using the SecureIt® CradeGrid system


  • Provides secure storage with fast access
  • Designed to be easily hidden
  • Bolt together for stacked or locker style storage
  • Efficient design offers ample room for additional handgun and ammo storage
  • 13″ depth allows storage with scope and magazine attached to the rifle
  • Neoprene pad cushions weapon
  • Key Override
  • Vertical Kit (sold separately) provides vertical storage for 2 rifles


  • Heavy-duty all-welded steel FAST BOX
  • Louvered back panel grid

WARNING: This gun safe does not meet the safety standards for gun safes specified in California Penal Code Section 12088.2. It does not satisfy the requirements of Penal Code Section 12088.1, which mandates that all firearms sold in California be accompanied by a firearms safety device or proof of ownership, as required by law, of a gun safe that meets the Section 12088.2 minimum safety standards developed by the California Attorney General.

ADVERTENCIA: Esta caja fuerte para pistolas no cumple con las normas de seguridad para las cajas fuertes para pistolas especificadas en la Sección 12088.2 del Código Penal de California. No satisface los requisitos de la Sección 12088.1 del Código Penal, que requiere que todas las armas de fuego que se vendan en California estén acompañadas por un dispositivo de seguridad de armas de fuego o prueba de propiedad, como lo requiere la ley, de una caja fuerte para pistolas que cumpla con las normas de seguridad minimas elaboradas por el Procurador General de California, especificadas en la Sección 12088.2.

Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 47 × 6.5 in